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Staffing- You can’t fit square peg into a round hole

It is no surprise that one of the largest expenses and most stressing point of a company is with their human assets. Employing the wrong people is as detrimental to a company as not having adequate manpower staffing when and where you need it the most. Infozone Inc hones in on such near perfect fits and delivers them in the most optimized manner. As the direction is flowing to short term and contractual basis, we, have pivoted our focus to this aspect of staffing to understand this need in hiring candidates at a short notice.

Our strength lie in our SIMPLE execution-

  • One Pit stop solution for all your hiring needs…PERM, TEMP, PERM TO TEMP, Turnkey or Corp-to-Corp
  • Expert and simple digital recruitment for perfect match in shortest possible time at the location of your choice!!!
  • Best Pre screened and validated candidates save time and money for additional interviews
  • Simple to understand Rates
  • Simple and easy Contract
  • Our regular follow-ups to making workforce better

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staff augmentation

We Staff For


  • Project Managers/Program Managers
  • Business Analysts/System Analysts
  • DBA, Developers with niche skills and tools,
  • Testers for all requirements.
  • Choice of PERM, Contract or Contract to Hire.
  • Work status preference of Citizens/Green Card/H-1B.


  • Sr / Jr CPA
  • Financial Managers/Analysts,
  • Accounts
  • Book keepers
  • PERM/TEMP positions for CPA offices or for 3rd party temp services.


  • Provide Customer Service
  • Call Center manpower
  • Customer service Support both PERM and TEMP

Surge staffing

  • Seasonal manpower requirement
  • Manpower for peak workload periods or contingency times helps ramp up without overdrawn commitments. Available both PERM and TEMP resources

Develop a Staffing pipeline

  • We help customers maintain a personnel pipeline to maintain a high iteration job position.

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