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Managed Services for Federal Vendors

An appropriate solicitation

An appropriate solicitation

A streamlined process

A streamlined process

A perfectly drafted Proposal

A perfectly drafted Proposal

A streamlined process

Winning Proposal

This constitutes our perfectly manicured managed services for companies providing or soliciting projects from govt dept or its agencies. Infozone Inc’s Managed Services is an ideal process that helps customers identify their strengths and sweet spots for projects within the Govt sectors. Make sure it has all the necessary differentiating elements like Govt vehicles and teaming partners to make the bid “Unique”. Help in establishing milestones to decide to go ahead or drop the bid. Help in managing and developing the complete proposal with all the nuances technically and functionally.Help in bidding a “winning proposal”

Tips for Winning proposal

  • Select opportunities matching your core strengths and past experiences
  • Use Gap Analysis for identifying the gaps between existing skills and desired skills
  • Cover the Gaps through getting appropriate teaming partners
  • Get Proposal content done by professional writers to project your credentials and strengths in keeping with the opportunity demands .
  • Use of selective social media to promote your strengths to the desired audience
  • Strong pre-bid recruitment




Pipeline Building


Content Managment & Developement




Design & Digital Development


  • Search through relevant Govt websites, portal and links relevant to Customer’s services and past performances regularly to extract potential projects.
  • Filter potential projects as per your past performance and specific areas of expertise.
  • Discuss, decide and finalize selection of opportunities for further Prep and Proposal development.
  • Prepare logistics documentation that includes due dates/times, requirements, and document specifications.
  • Monitor modifications and amendments to the RFP’s regularly.
  • Determine preliminary needs to develop the proposal.


  • Discuss with client to completely analyze/scrutinize the project
  • Determine scope, logistics, see if internal or teaming partners are needed, contact details of participating members and assign
  • POC’s
  • Update bid evaluation worksheet
  • Collect Templates, Past Performances, Resumes, Points of contacts, Any other material needed for proposal development, Team Partner agreements
  • Gather intelligence on agency, agency’s needs, incumbents, and competitors
  • Establish pain points and how to address them.
  • Build and develop database of boilerplate content – such as a description of the company, services, capabilities or processes that is not likely to change from project to project.
  • Draw up a schedule for writing process and set milestones based on the proposal due date.
  • Send an outline for the document and a first draft containing any relevant boilerplate content, past performances and resumes.
  • The client will write the technical details for the proposals.
  • Establish regular calls to touch base and keep everyone on track.
  • Build in review meetings at various stages of the proposal development. It will generally be three, but that may change depending on turnaround time.
  • Writing, proofing, editing
  • Engage design team to create the overall appearance of the proposal.
  • Establish pricing call
  • Once the final document is approved and out the door, we will initiate a debrief to discuss what we may have learned, any intelligence for future projects, and what, if anything, we want to do differently for future projects.


  • Complete “Pre-Bid” and “Post Bid-Win” recruitment services & support.
  • Sourcing all work status candidates like-citizens or GC as per the requirement willing for a particular location.
  • Seek candidates with different level of security clearances as deemed by various Fed/State govt. agencies.
  • Validating the best-fit candidates through stringent administrative and technical screening of skills, background and references and conducting salary negotiations.
  • Getting “submission confirmation” from the candidates needed with pre-Bid proposal submission.
  • Coordination from submission to placement and thereafter joining and post joining issues.
  • Developing and soliciting “teaming partners” in staffing for specific staffing requirement form various Fed/State govt. agencies.


  • Provide support on website design and design for content.
  • Digital media tracking and Mgt
  • Provide leads to sales and Operations
  • Develop contents for Assets and Marketing
  • Help clients in drafting and producing Proposals

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